Monday, 21 December 2009


Right .. Tonight i decided to have a go at doing a digital layout .. I had no idea where to start but this is my 1st attempt .. I don't really know how to do the Blog thing yet but i will give credit to the blog where i downloaded the elements used ..

I Did it in Microsoft Publisher :-)

ERMMMM ...... Now i just have to find out how to post a pik ..
Website used for elements used in my layout Kit was called Not Too Shabby


Kelly-Jo said...

Hi Sharica

Thanks for crediting me. I love seeing what people do with my stuff. Actually you are the first to let me know you used one of my kits!! I love your layout, and the photo is cute too. Feel free to grab as much of my freebies as you like. That is why they are there!!
Kelly-Jo (k-josscraps)

SHARICA said...

Thanks for sharing all the kits, They are Amazing .. I Am shocked to find out that I am the first to let you know I used one of your kits .. I Thought it would be common courtesy..
I Wish i knew how to Make the elements and papers n things, Would not know where to start ..

Biggareth said...

Wow thats Very nice, well done good layout and very well presented Your not just a pretty face after all Keep on scrapbooking and lets see one with your Husband in please...

Kelly-Jo said...

To start designing you will need a photoshop type program. I use PhotoShop Elements7, it is like the baby version of Photoshop and a lot cheaper. You can get a couple of free ones, there is The Gimp. I tried using this but didn't really like it. There are also thousands of tutorials on line to help you use these programs and to show you how to make elements and papers. Good luck!!

April Reece said...

Hi hun, Im so very sorry that when you visited my Starving Artist show the love blog train contribution the link was not there, I had it linked on my preview image on that blog, and so I have re-done it, I would like to invite you back to my blog to download what you should have been able to download on your first visit,
(I sincerely apologize to you)

if you click on my contribution image it should take you to the free download